Stefan Savov


Stefan Savov is a Master in Law and Bachelor of Arts in English Philology. In 2004. For the first time he met with project management and since then it has become his vocation. Stefan has fourteen years of experience and expertise in this field and knows how much new technologies can bring to business and society as a whole. His work over the years has been related to the preparation of feasibility studies, development of business plans and legal opinions, financial engineering and analysis, as well as many other aspects of business consulting. Since 2014. He has acquired a qualification in the Department "Consultant in Organizational Development, Management and Human Resources", which improved his skills in negotiations with clients, management of stakeholders and trainings of small and large groups of people.

Levent Hassan

IT expert

Levent is a Master of Information Technology and a has a Master's degree in Accounting and Control. He has passed a course on additional qualification in Blockchain Technologies in the Software University. Levent has over 10 years experience in the field of Information Technologies, while working with institutions and business clients. His expertise is in network engineering, implementation of software solutions in Bulgaria and abroad, and carrying out relevant trainings for the staff who use them. The maintenance of computer systems, databases and software is part of his daily routine. Levent started in the IT sphere in the form of a game and this passion eventually became his job. For him the education and learning of new things is a cause and he manages to convey this passion to the audience.

Anastasiya Gotseva

Activities Coordinator/Trainer

Anastasiya Gotseva is a Ph.D. in Psychology and Master of Law. Since 2014. she has acquired a qualification in the Department "Consultant in Organizational Development, Management and Human Resources". Dr. Gotseva has over 10 years of work experience in the areas of the private business, the NGO sector and the State administration. In practice she is a trainer in soft skills – effective communication, leadership, teamwork, avoidance and resolution of conflicts, time management, decision making, negotiation, etc.